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Zodiac CANCER - Rosewood iPhone Case - Design Forms Of Art

Zodiac CANCER - Rosewood iPhone Case

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A uniquely engraved wooden iPhone case. Each case features a real solid wood backing engraved. Great attention is paid to the detail of the engravings, and there are few things the crowd love more than a fine line celestial drawing on the back of their cellular devices.
• 100% Real natural wood backing 
• One-piece case
• Form-fitting snap on style holder Polycarbonate bumper
• Engineered to securely fit
• Unrestricted access to all ports including camera, charging, headphones and speakers
• Ultra-Slim and lightweight, yet perfectly protects from bumps and scratches
• Durable & long lasting
Available models:
• iPhone 5 • iPhone 6 • iPhone 6p • iPhone 7 • iPhone 7p

Buyer notice:
If you want some another design, please leave me a message and tell me which pattern do you want, and I will put them in store!
Attribution to Pickapic / Freepik
  • You will receive your order within 5-8 business days.
  • Products are fulfilled in the EU or US depending on your location and availability.


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