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Architect [-_-] Digital Artist | Vector Artist | Illustrator | Videographer | Photograph

As the social situation in my country is bad, I do not do my job since 2007. Therefore I had to find my way, and that, as they say here, "swim in other waters." Fortunately, I had more talent, so in addition to artistic ability, for 22 years, my greatest capabilities are with software, special graphics!
And so since 2009 when I heard about STOCK sites, read a lot of forums and blogs about them, and embarked on a new adventure, Internet business!

And so to the present day, about 7.5 years, I do a variety of designs, vectors, illustrations, photographs, videos, footige, animations, etc ... I love it and I enjoy it, and I think that I shall never cease to do it because I was fully artistic satisfied.

I'm working on several other types of sites, when you have time, see one of my portfolio, portfolio A.

Because of my experience until then, I knew that the Internet was "God's Garden" and i'll have to find something that suits me! I know that the best way to predict your future is to create it! And so I came to Shopify! And here I am writing to you, from my : Design Forms Of Art : SHOP!

I am Really fascinating with unusuale art forms, and in my mind and hands, a have them a planty, and just waiting for when it will occur! Therefore, they are the main theme of my store.

I hope we will both together make a future virtual environment and be part of it!

 Greeting, :[-_-]: